Concierge Medicine For Optimal Health


An all-inclusive functional medicine lifestyle service to extend your life span and unlock your full genetic potential.

Comprehensive testing & analysis
Complete customized wellness plans
High-touch, individualized care
Direct access to Dr. Halland & care team
House calls on your schedule
Unlimited office visits

You deserve to feel your best
and live a longer, healthier life.

Unparalleled Services For Unbelievable Results

Feel better than you ever knew possible with the personalized health care you deserve. When you sign up for our one year concierge care plan, you get the full attention of our entire team including:

Dedicated Care Team: double board certified Physician, FDN Health Coach, VIP Care Coordinator
Unlimited Visits with Dr. Halland
Unlimited Health & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions
Direct Access to Your Care Team via Call, Text, and Video
Advanced Genetic Testing & Analysis
Comprehensive Bloodwork + Quarterly Retesting
Personal Health Report
Dedicated Executive Care Coordinator
Supplement Management
Monthly House Calls & Check-Ins
Vetted Network of Specialists + Partners
All-Inclusive Testing: Microbiome, Food
Allergy, Hormone Analysis, Epigenetic Age, & more

Your Personalized Wellness Care Physician: Dr. Halland

A Double Board Certified physician, Dr. Halland specializes in interventional pain management, peak performance, and longevity. He continuously learns from top leaders, experts, and innovators worldwide in anti-aging, and incorporates what he learns into his practice. With science-backed medicine constantly evolving, Dr. Halland's mission is to stay on the frontier of new data and research-backed discoveries.
In recent years, Dr. Halland has become one of the most sought-after Functional Medicine practitioners. His understanding of both Western medicine and Functional Medicine, along with the use of advanced biohacking measures, has helped his patients live the optimized lives they've been after.

What Is Longevity?

Sometimes used as a synonym for “life expectancy,” there are really two ways to think about living longer.

Longevity without Improved Health

Imagine living far beyond the average life expectancy, but lacking the vitality and wellness that make life enjoyable. The prospect of a longer life can be appealing, but living with poor health means spending more time dealing with chronic ailments and lower overall well-being. The reality is that longevity without improved health involves managing chronic conditions, frequent doctor visits, and the potential loss of personal autonomy. Focusing on health and well-being is as important, if not more so, than simply seeking to add years to our lives.

Longevity Through Improved Health

When health improvements accompany increased lifespan, you can truly shine in your golden years. Enhanced health paves the way for longer, fuller, and more fulfilling lives, allowing us to make the most of our extended years. Longevity through improved health means maintaining physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being even as you age, and enjoying your longer life to the fullest. This is the essence of longevity through improved health - it isn’t just about adding time to life, but also life to time.

Modern Medicine For Optimal Health

We make health and wellness simple so you can start living a more vibrant life now. Wherever you are in your health journey, we can help you thrive.

Wellness Consultations
Specialized Treatments
Diagnostic Lab Testing

Wellness Reinvented:maximize your life experience

Our science-backed, evidence-based approach to optimizing health and increasing longevity helps patients heal faster and feel better than they ever thought possible.

A Wellness Care Model That Heals

Genes are no longer the most important factor for you to look good, feel incredible, and increase your longevity.

With a holistic approach to address the 9 Hallmarks of Aging, you can go from where you are to where you want to be.
Improve metabolic health with nutrition coaching programs
Decrease your biological age (and feel better for longer)
Discover the root cause of healthissues with Functional Medicine
Recover from chronic health challenges
Enhance your health on a cellular level
Get the roadmap to better physical health
Advanced functional testing (microbiome, hormones, toxins, & more)
Optimized supplementation program

Concierge Medicine Locations

In order to receive concierge medicine care, Dr. Halland assists his clients best when he can see them during in-person visits. While much of the care plan does rely on telehealth communications, the real benefit of concierge care is that clients get direct access to Dr. Halland.
Manhattan, NY        Los Angeles, CA        Miami, FL
Manhattan, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL

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