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Dr. Halland attended the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine and graduated with Honors in Research Distinction. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and further specialized in Interventional Pain Management at Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Fellowship program in New York City. He is Double Board Certified, both in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine.

While tending to his patients, Dr. Halland is also involved in several key research studies regarding stem cell technologies and consumer products for anti-aging. He is on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, whose leadership directors also come from the Harvard Stem Cell Group and Mayo Clinic.

As a Double Board-Certified physician, Dr. Halland knows the limitations of the medical world. Which is why he focuses on Functional Medicine testing and implementation to help patients heal from chronic pain, achieve peak performance, and improve their quantity and quality of life.

When he’s not tending to patients or taking part in research studies, Dr. Halland can be found at health-focused speaking events or traveling across the globe to build community and learn more about modern medicine practices.

You deserve to own your health journey and have the support you need to feel better than ever.

Impact Health:
Patient-Centered Healthcare First, Always

As an MD and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Halland Chen opened Impact Health clinics with a desire to help patients restore their health with modern technology and in-depth testing.

At Impact Health, patients are the center of it all. From testing to health plan support, every patient is seen as a whole person with needs that are unique to them. With that perspective, everyone who works at Impact Health take the time learn about patients with curiosity and respect.

We pride ourselves on using a blend of modern technology and holistic practices that allows us to provide our patients with what they need to heal. From regenerative medicine measures to personalized supplementation and nutrition guidance, the team at Impact Health makes it their mission to make a lasting impact in their community and beyond.

Reduce Your Biological Age
and live a longer, healthier life

Dr. Halland Chen is committed to enabling a healthy lifestyle for every patient through cutting-edge research that focuses on the body's ability to resist the onset of lifestyle and age-related conditions like alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease. As a thought leader in health and longevity, his goal is to increase access to modern health practices.

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