Wonderland 2023 Dr. Halland Keynote

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Enter the world of longevity and discover what cutting-edge professionals like Dr. Halland Chen have to say about the relationships between psychedelics, longevity, and mental health.

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Today’s Keynote Presentation: Friday 10th, 2023 @1pm

Are we dying faster,
or living longer?

In today's lecture, you’ll learn about the five pillars of longevity. Discover why detoxification, immune system, and stress are the four cornerstones to having more energy and feeling younger and learn about the overarching control house, or the mindset of longevity.

See Me Speak On These Topics

Longevity Secrets: Are You Dying Faster or Living Longer?

Featuring Dr. Halland Chen, MD.

The pursuit of longevity has become one of the fastest-growing areas in health and wellness. There are 5 key systems that affect the body's rate of aging, so what can you do to optimize your health and unlock your full genetic potential?

Learn how inflammation, detoxification, stress, the immune system, and your mindset affect aging and energy levels.
Dr. Halland will share years of research, innovations and what's new on the horizon to increase your healthspan, keep your cells energized and your body feeling younger.

By the end of this keynote, you will learn about: The Science of aging, Nutrition and Longevity, Lifestyle Choices, Mind-Body Connection, The Role of Genetics and Practical Takeaways.

Biological Age Testing

Featuring Dr. Halland Chen, MD, Dr. Luis Martinez, Nikolina Lauc, Hannah Went.

Delve into the world of biological age testing. Learn about the potential of biomarkers and epigenetics in determining our biological age and how this can influence our approach to personal health and longevity.

Psychedelics And Longevity: A Discussion On How Altered States Can Facilitate Change Leading To Happier And Healthy Lives

Featuring Michael Brotherton, Toby Pasman, Dr. Nicole Amada, Psychologist, PhD., Dr. Halland Chen, MD.

Join experts in the psychedelics and longevity space as they discuss the intersection of health and the mind, shedding light on how psychedelics can enhance our understanding of the human body and provide innovative opportunities for extending lifespan.
Discover the latest groundbreaking research, personal experiences, and transformative insights that unveil the untapped potential of psychedelics to promote overall well-being. Embark on this mind-expanding journey to redefine the limits of human potential and explore new horizons in the quest for living greater lives.

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