PRP Hair Treatment

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) hair loss treatment involves using a small sample of the patient’s blood and spinning down the blood cells and extracting the plasma. The resulting plasma consists of high quantities of platelets and growth factors. These components are then directly injected into the targeted hair loss area. Results have been highly effective as a hair loss treatment as well as augmenting hair transplant treatment results. The science behind PRP hair treatment is growth factors are used to stimulate impaired hair follicles that are not functioning properly. Since the growth factors are from the patient’s own blood, the targeted hair loss area is infused with cells that increase natural tissue healing and tissue regeneration. This leads to new cellular growth that begins to stimulate hair follicles or implanted hair follicles. These hair follicles become larger and healthier than they were prior to treatment. The hair follicles are then able to produce thicker hair.

The procedure for PRP hair loss treatment is relatively easy requiring no down time and minimal discomfort. The doctor uses topical anesthesia to numb the hair loss treatment location. A special roller with micro needles is then used on the area to stimulate the skin on the scalp. The results of using the micro needle roller cause the skin to automatically begin healing and activate repair growth cells already on the scalp. PRP is then injected directly into the scalp and may be added topically to the scalp. No recuperation time is needed after treatment; however mild swelling and redness may be present for 48 hours.

Knowing PRP hair treatment is relatively painless and effective; a patient must determine if this procedure is a good fit for them. Both men and women can benefit from PRP hair treatment. The questions that must be asked are if this is the proper treatment to meet the patient’s hair growth goals and is the time required for visible results within the patient’s desired time frame. Using PRP hair loss treatment new hair growth may be seen within two months. Usually results are seen five to eight months after treatment but results continue to improve over the course of a year after treatment.

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