by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

The real secret to eternal beauty might actually lie in the blood. At least according to the creators of plasma facial injections, which use the patient’s own blood as the catalyst for making them look healthier and younger.

What are Plasma Facial Injections?

Science has long known about stem cells, and it’s been theorized they might be the method for naturally rejuvenating the body and curing a wide variety of conditions and diseases. The problem has always been figuring out how to activate them, and once activated how to make the stem cells do what scientists want them to do. The basis of plasma facial injections is that the doctors can take a small sample of the client’s blood and activate the stem cells in it. Supposedly if this process does what it’s supposed to, these cells will be re-injected into the client’s face in key areas, and they will then make the client’s face produce fresher, younger-looking skin.

How do Plasma Facial Injections Work?

The process for this peculiar but popular treatment is relatively simple. The client has a sample of blood taken from his or her arm, and platelets are then isolated from said sample. The platelets are then exposed to calcium chloride, and this mixture is then re-introduced into the client’s face in key points such as the cheeks, brow, and near the eyes. This lifts the skin away from the bones, and jump starts the process of creating new skin, and a fresher, more vital appearance.

Always Trust the Professionals

Plasma facial injections might sound like something that could be done at any clinic, but it’s important to go to professionals who have experience with this procedure. One should never trust his or her face, and the results of a process like this, to medical professionals who don’t have the training and experience of long practice.

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