by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

People injure themselves all the time and suffer from medical knee pain. This is especially true with sports injuries and it requires a specialist to bring the knee back to its former status. Without the use of the knees, there is no way to walk normally. Many times the injury is minor but there are times when the pain can be severe. This is especially true when the injury is to the knee.

Tripping while doing routine jobs at home is very easy, elderly people particularly have problems with joints. Pain in the knee can reach the point of keeping you awake at night. This is a sign of serious injury and needs to be checked by a doctor. Patients dislocate kneecaps, pull ligaments and may encounter problems with cyst. People working using a bending motion may suffer from Bursitis so there is a need for proper diagnosis when suffering from any medical knee problem.

Being injured while playing sports or hiking happens to many individuals creating medical knee pain and many of these issues can be solved by cold packs, resting and keeping the area elevated. Medical knee problems may require physical therapy. It may be necessary to stretch the knee area in order to recover former activity. Knee injuries require proper diagnosis so that a patient can recover properly.

When the knee is disfigured or it seems impossible to move it, this is time for medical attention. When joints are injured people believe ice or a warm pad will solve the problem but there are medical knee problems that simply do not go away without medical attention. When there is intense swelling it is time to seek the aid of medical knee Doctors. Solving the problem of knee injury may also require medications for inflammation. For routine injuries, an over the counter Ibuprofen may do the trick but with severe injuries a Doctor should be consulted before making a decision on treatment. There are specialist dedicated to solving problems with the knees. They are a vital part of the body’s movement and any injury should not be treated lightly.

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