iovera Freezes Away Knee Pain, Instantly

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Why let pain stop you from your daily activities or sports, when there is iovera in town?

With all the latest advances in pain management, the iovera treatment is one of the most sophisticated treatments to instantly treat knee pain with no downtime, in a same day session. Results are instant, as the machine uses cryotherapy to target painful nerves for pain management with minimal invasion.

Nearly 70% of today’s population shows high involvement in exercise, strength training, dance fitness and many other activities to help keep in shape. Muscle wear and tear, joint pain, and cartilage damage can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it is an intense workout regime or overuse injuries occurring from sports, the knee is one of the most common injuries that affect everyone of all ages.

There are many options for pain treatment, ranging from medications designed to reduce inflammation and swelling, physical therapy to keep the joint active, bracing to support the joint, and then more minimally invasive routes including injections. In the worse case scenario, surgery is always the last option if there are no other non-invasive methods to control the pain or fix the problem.

iovera is the latest device for the treatment of knee pain caused by: joint pain, degenerative joint disease, torn meniscus and/or ligaments.

This modern day device, works on the ancient principle of cryotherapy (cold therapy). Cryotherapy is the use of low temperature or subzero temperature to help treat tissue damage and decreases inflammation, pain and spasms.

Dr. Halland, an expert in knee pain management, notes that “iovera is a FDA approved device used for interventional pain management. This block’s pain by temporary inhibition of pain conduction at the peripheral nerve site by cryotherapy and treats knee pain caused by: osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, and various conditions of the knee, including pain after a knee replaceement.”

With the variety of treatment options available to help with knee pain, iovera is one of the safest, and produces some of the fastest results for relief.  Dr. Halland Chen uses Iovera treatment for pain management and relief. The results for the iovera treatment is set to be the latest in advanced options in Manhattan among athletes and osteoarthritis patients.

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