How does iovera work? Learn more from Dr. Halland – Video

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

iovera Is The Latest In Technology for Pain Management

This revolutionary treatment for knee pain is safe and FDA approved. Learn more from this video.

This revolutionary treatment for knee pain is safe and FDA approved. Learn more from this video.

Advancements in non-surgical medicine has lead to the development of the iovera device, a revolution in pain management procedure that is minimally invasive with no time.

“iovera is the latest device for treatment of knee pain caused by many problems including: degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis, sports injuries, post surgical knee replacement surgery and exercise related injuries. This modern day device works on the principle of cryotherapy or cold therapy.” says Dr. Halland Chen, an expert in knee pain management and Manhattan’s premier doctor using the iovera for pain management.

This iovera machine uses the principle of  Focused Cold Therapy, which is the application of low temperatures or subzero temperatures to freeze peripheral nerves which. This allows for safe deactivation of the sensory nerves that contribute to pain in joints, such as the knee.In this video**, learn about how the Focused Cold Therapy works:

When this cold therapy is targeted at a specific area of injured or degenerative areas in the body, pain relief is achieved by freezing away the nerve activity and the results are instant pain relief with no need for pain medication.

According to Dr. Halland Chen,“ iovera is a FDA approved technology for interventional pain management of the peripheral nerves. This blocks pain by temporary inhibition of pain conduction at the peripheral nerve site with cryotherapy. There are numerous applications for such advance technology, especially for knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis , degenerative joint disease, and  runner’s knee .

”In this video, Dr. Halland demonstrates the instant knee pain relief with the iovera procedure.

The iovera procedure is not only limited to people with degenerative joint disease, such as arthritis, there are many conditions such as sports injuries and trauma to the knee that responds better to Focused Cold Therapy for pain relief over surgery or cortisone injections.

Common sports injuries such as meniscus tears, ACL and PCL, or ligament injuries and/or sprains and strains can be treated with the iovera procedure. This relief in pain can allow patients to have more comfortable range of motion and/or participate in physical therapy much easier. Also, iovera is one of the only options for pain relief for people with pain after a knee replacement.

Dr. Halland, recommends the use of  the iovera treatment for pain management caused by sport injuries, knee osteoarthritis, post knee replacement surgery and when all other method of treatment fail . This treatment method is one of the most unique procedures offered by Dr. Halland in Manhattan among athletes and osteoarthritis patients.

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