Hair Loss Solutions for Women

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Are you a woman suffering from hair loss? Discover the best solutions and treatments:

In most cultures, a women’s hair is a sign of status, role in society and beauty. When a women starts to see thinning hair it can be devastating. However, due to new advances in medicine there are several treatments available. Hair loss solutions for women are more abundant today than they have ever been in the past.

Early treatments for hair loss usually have better results. A doctor will identify the underlying cause for the hair loss before recommending a course of action; then design a treatment that best fits the situation. There are several options available.

Minoxidil Topical Treatment of 2% is one of the most common topical treatments in hair loss solutions for women. You may have heard of Rogaine. It is interesting that Minoxidil, in tablet form, is a treatment used for high blood pressure. One side effect doctors noticed was excessive hair growth in their patients. This led to use as a hair loss treatment.

Researchers were concerned about other side effects patients may experience with an oral treatment. The response was a topical treatment of 2%, which they felt was a safe amount. Studies show that a 5% solution is more effective to regrow hair, but causes other side effects. It can cause growth of hair in areas other than the scalp. The standard treatment stands at 2%.

About 1 in 4 women may see hair growth with this treatment. At the least, most women will see hair loss slow down or stop with the Minoxidil treatment.

If Minoxidil is not effective, the doctor may prescribe Spironolactone. This is an oral treatment sometimes used if an excessive amount of the male hormone androgen is present. This treatment is not FDA approved for hair loss solutions for women, but it is FDA approved for treatment of hypertension and edema. Other oral medications that block androgens are flutamide, cyproterone and finasteride.

Usually, when we hear about hair transplants we think of treatments available for men. These procedures are also available as hair loss solutions for women. A hair transplant uses small plugs of hair removed from healthy areas of the scalp and places them in the affected areas. This can be very affective, permanent and has shown some great results.

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