Hair Growth Treatments

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

In an aesthetically centered society, your looks may mean more than you think. Unfortunately, baldness is a prevalent condition for many middle aged men and even women. Although your looks may not influence your life directly, it is indisputable that better looks lead to a higher confidence which is a vital ingredient to a healthy social life. Here is an overview of the Hair Growth Treatments that are current in today’s medical society.

First of all, it is vital to realize that hair conditions vary. This means that Treatment for Hair Growth is diverse as there are so many situations to consider. Therefore, it is not recommended to simply follow the same procedure an acquaintance has gone through with solely because of the success of that treatment in their situation.

It is understandable that many patients prefer natural treatments. This type of Treatment for Hair growth is based off certain responses to nutrition in our body. Protein, for example, is important to make your hair strong and to promote growth. Iron, Zinc and biotin also prevent hair loss by avoiding Anemia and metabolic disorders which can cause your hair to fall out.

Surgical transplants are definitely a more gratifying alternative due to the comparatively quick difference in appearance. A very popular approach is to use a Strand-by-Strand technique. You will be examined for the thinning areas of your hair, and then one strand will be implanted at a time. Finally, your hair will have a fuller look and feel.

Some hair loss is evidently genetic. Therefore, other approached may be necessary because implanted hair runs the risk of being lost. In this case, it is more advisable to undergo Bio-Matrix® Hair Replacement or EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy. Alternatively, you could even undergo traction alopecia and scar repairs for permanent results.

Overall, there is a myriad of different Hair Growth Treatments. Find the one that suits you, or contact Dr.Halland for more personalized advice!

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