Female Hair Loss Treatment

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Hair Loss Treatments for Women
You’ve probably heard of hair loss in men before, but often overlooked is hair loss in women. Yes this can happen, although the usual signs that are present in men such as bald spots on the top of the head aren’t usually the signs in women. Usually the sign that women are suffering from hair loss is depleted hair thickness, or signs that a ponytail has become smaller. Believe it or not, studies have shown that as many as 60% of women will experience hair loss in their life time.

Causes of Hair Loss
Hair loss can come from a variety of health issues including chemotherapy treatments, low estrogen presence, a high presence of male androgen hormones, reaction to medication and in a few cases could even happen as a side effect of pregnancy. The most common cause of female hair loss comes from a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia, which is related to the presence of androgens and often causes menstruation period irregularities and other side effects that could be discomforting. However, there are hair loss treatments for women that can be used to combat these effects.

Female Hair Loss Treatment
While this is not a guaranteed method to prevent hair loss, there are some vitamin supplements you can take to prevent or slow down hair loss and give your hair time to grow back. Hair loss can be affected by a low presence of iron and using the correct supplements can be a deterrent to major hair losses.

One of the most common hair loss treatments for women is a Rogaine pill specifically formulated for women, similar to the Rogaine for men but with some slight differences. The drug can even be purchased over the counter, though you should probably consult with your doctor before using. Other drugs that can be used are oral contraceptives including Finasteride, if your doctor recommends it.

Another female hair loss treatment is surgical means such as laser surgery or transplants. Because some of these methods can take time to produce results, you can disguise hair loss by using disguising solutions such as Toppik, or using a wig. You can also modify some of your hair style to disguise the thinning.

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