Dysport Injections Treatment

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Introducing Dysport
Thinking of refreshing your look and revitalizing your face? You might not have to look any further than the new inject-able treatment known as Dysport! You can now try Dysport injections at your request after consulting with your doctor. In this article, you will be provided with information about Dysport treatment and discussing how it may be right for you. Most people that have tried Dysport have seen positive results.

What Dysport Is
What is Dysport? Dysport is a new minimally invasive treatment that is used on the skin to decrease noticeable signs of rapid aging. Dysport is used to treat a wide variety of aging signs such as forhead creases, wrinkles around the eyes, neck wrinkles, crows feat and age lines that appear around the bridge of the nose. Dsyport has been found to be the right treatment for a large group of users. Another one of Dysports many advantages is that it offers your facial muscles freedom, rather than causing stiffening.

Dysport injection wrinkle fillers are used by placating Dysport directly into the skin causing immobilization of the muscles giving the affect of toned, fuller creases. Don’t find yourself sitting around asking yourself “What is Dysport?” Contact your doctor and find out if this treatment could be right for you. Now, you don’t have to worry if the treatment will shake up your schedule, Dysport is so easily administered that you’ll be back on your fee and in your routine shortly after your doctor visit.

Side Effects of Dysport
Dysport injection wrinkle fillers may not be right for everyone and some side effects are been reported. Although only slight, some common side effects include tiredness, headache, neck pain, muscle aches and dry mouth when Dysport treatment is used. Users rarely experience an allergic reaction, however if you have neurological disorders Dysport should be avoided. It is also recommended that Dysport not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

Dysport RecoveryAfter Dysport injections are administered you can expect to get back to your daily routine very quickly. You can even use makeup just shortly after your treatment. You will be able to go home directly after your treatment and even return to work in the same day, while taking care to take note of possible side effects. You’re sure to see long lasting, gorgeous results after your treatment of Dysport.

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