Arthroscopic Knee

by Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Athletes and those that have issues with their joints in their leg can have an arthroscopic knee examination. This is where a small telescoped called an arthroscope goes into the body and gives a view of what’s in the body on a TV monitor screen. This is where the doctor can view everything that is going on that may not be seen on an x-ray. Arthroscopic knee examinations had made it possible for those to recover faster and not have to be cut up. They only receive a cut the size of a pencil or straw. The doctor will be able to get everything done for the knee in this small incision.

When an athlete or individual goes through arthroscopic knee surgery, the doctor really relies on the arthroscope. They are going to look at the monitor on the TV to see what variety of knee joint problems there are. Some of these problems may be torn meniscus, broken cartilage at the joint, torn or damaged ACL or PCL, damaged or inflamed synovium, or other issues. This is going to determine what procedure needs to take place and what tools they will need to use during the arthroscopic knee surgery which should only take around 2 hours to finish.

The arthroscopic knee surgery recovery is quite fast. Patients are going to fall under the out patient category. They are not required to stay in the hospital over night and will get to go home for their arthroscopic knee surgery recovery. The patient just has to stay at the hospital long enough for the anesthetic to wear off and will need someone else to drive them home. The patient will need to use crutches or a cane to help them move around and will follow up with doctor one week after surgery. At that appointment they will have the dressing removed from the knee. Some patients may take a little longer to heal depending on how much damage there was and this will be determined by the doctor as well. As long as the doctors orders are followed the patient will recover in no time from the surgery.

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